About Us

Quave Fabrication & Construction Co., Inc. sets itself apart from the competitors through exceptional performance, outstanding safety records, cost efficient practices, and rigorous quality control.  Founded in 1978 by Ray Quave, we are a licensed Mechanical Contractor in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama.  As a Certified Woman-Owned Small Business, we strive to maintain the exceptional standards of our founder, and have a firm commitment to meet the demands of today's industry.

Quave Fabrication & Construction Co., Inc. focuses on providing Project Construction and Maintenance services that align with our customer's goals. We have proudly built a reputation for providing top quality work, completed on schedule, at competitive prices. It is our belief that customer satisfaction requires more than problem-specific services, especially on maintenance projects.  Problem-anticipation, attention to the total functionality and meeting scheduling demands have earned Quave Fabrication & Construction Co., Inc. the satisfied, long-term customer base we enjoy.

Quave Fabrication & Construction Co., Inc. has core competencies in Pipe Fabrication and installation, Steel fabrication and                                                                                   erection, and Plant/Site Maintenance, prefabricated skid units and demolition services.                                                                             Our expertise includes Process and Industrial Piping, lined systems and                                                                                                         Shutdown/Turnaround Work. 

                                                                          Our fabrication shop consisting of 10,000 square feet facility with over 10 acres yard                                                                                  space, is located in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and allows extensive off-site                                                                                                  fabrication in addition to our on-site services.

                                                                          Quave Fabrication & Construction Co., Inc. maintains a strong commitment to safety.                                                                                We provide certified training through the Gulf Coast Safety Council, of which we are a                                                                              charter member and have served on the Board of Directors. The council was established in 2004 responding to industries demands to provide uniform, thorough and consistent training. 

Through daily S.T.A. and weekly meetings, on-site safety managers, and safety-conscience employees, we actively strive to maintain accident-free work sites and have been consistently rated above the industry average in safety by our insurers.

We have received several Safety Awards, including the Outstanding Safety Excellence and Injury Free Awards issued by the GNOIEC; Excellence In Safety Award by the AGC; and First Chemical recognition of                                                                                    Outstanding Safety and Schedule Performance.  All results of the strong dedication                                                                                    to and strict enforcement of a proven safety program.  In addition, our employees                                                                                      undergo vigorous background checks and drug screening. 

Our work force is flexible and capable of growing to meet the needs of each                                                                                      customer. Being life long residents of the area, with extensive experience in the                                                                                          field, we have an advantage of abundant recruiting capabilities if needed. Our                                                                                      personnel have vast experience in the work environment of chemical processing                                                                              plants and petroleum refineries.

Through attention to quality and cost-effectiveness, we have built a base of long-term, repeat customers.  At Quave Fabrication & Construction Co., Inc., we strive to develop good, working relationships with all of our customers.